Friday, February 20, 2009

£62,500 payout for gay airport guard after woman colleague wobbled her breasts at him

Allwyn Rondeau, a gay security guard taunted by a female colleague who wobbled her breasts at him and teased him about homosexuality has received a £62,500 payout. Mr Rondeau said his life had been "ruined" by Lucy Chilton and that he suffered depression and been forced to move house as a result.

The 47-year-old, who worked as a security guard at Heathrow Airport, is now being cared for by his partner Bernard Shearman at their new home in Paignton, south Devon.

In one incident she put his hand on her breasts and taunted him for being homosexual, saying he did not know how to handle a woman in bed. On another occasion, she wobbled her breasts at him and said he "wouldn't know what to do with a woman anyway."

Mr Rondeau, who was also given the nickname "batty boy", did not initially report Miss Chilton's behaviour, but she ended up making a complaint about him. She reported him for inappropriate sexual behaviour, claiming he exposed his erect penis through his underpants to her. This was later rejected following an investigation and he decided to complain about her.

Speaking about his compensation, he said: "I'm pleased about it but it wasn't the money that was important. It was justice that I wanted, against Miss Chilton and the management, for what I have been through every day for the past two years.
"I'm happy but I'm still angry because I know she has not been touched. She has been promoted."

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