Friday, July 31, 2009

Cat's ordeal trapped in stairs

Sonic the cat forgot she wasn’t a kitten anymore when she got stuck in the staircase of her South Ashford home.

As a kitten, Sonic used to nip in and out of the hole, but now she is one-year-old she has grown and - curious cat - found she could not get out of the hole. Firefighters were called and they described it as a "difficult rescue" due to the cat’s position.

Crews were called to the house in Bornefields just after 1.15pm and used hand tools to remove the bottom stair to help Sonic escape. Sonic already had stitches as she had been spayed and was due at the vet that day for her check-up.

Firefighter Fred Ambler did all the hard work while firefighter Kerry Mitchell stroked Sonic to keep her calm. She was released unharmed 40 minutes later.

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