Friday, July 31, 2009

Mum who's had all 13 kids taken into care vows to carry on until she can keep a child

A mother who has had 13 children is pregnant with her 14th - even though all her kids have been taken into care.

Brazen baby machine Theresa Winters, 36, has vowed to carry on having children until social workers let her and jobless partner Toney Housden, 36, keep one.

Defiant Theresa, who lives on benefits in Luton, Beds, declared: "We're not giving up. For every child they take away from me, I'm going to have another one."

All the children were taken into care by social workers who had grave concerns about neglect and "lack of parenting ability" demonstrated by Theresa and her jobless partner Toney Housden.

But the couple, who admit they had problems and could be "aggressive" in the past, insist they are now capable of raising a youngster.

And Theresa, 36, said: "We just want to be a family. I won't stop until they let me keep one." The couple's actions have been branded "scandalous" and "outrageous" by critics.

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