Saturday, August 08, 2009

Baby’s footprint appears on leg of mother-to-be

A baby's footprint shows up clearly on the leg of a pregnant mum. Yvonne Graham, due to have her second child next month, was dumbstruck when the inch-long image appeared from nowhere as she watched TV.

The tiny pink sole came complete with five little toes. Amazed Yvonne, 26, called friends and relatives to show them.

And her policeman partner Neil Currie, 30, took photos before it vanished hours later.

Yvonne, of Rosewell, Midlothian, said: "I was lying on the sofa watching telly when I spotted a strange mark above my left ankle as I got up. It was freaky at first but then I started thinking, 'How can that be possible?'

"People have said I must have been leaning on something but I can assure them I wasn't."

Software consultant Yvonne, who insists she does not suffer from rashes or dry skin, added: "I told my neighbour it was a miracle, like when folk see Jesus on a slice of toast."

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