Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Widow denies Steve Irwin's dead body was fed to a crocodile

Terri Irwin has responded for the first time to persistent rumours about the resting place of her husband, ''Crocodile Hunter'' Steve Irwin.

After his death in 2006, it was speculated Irwin, 44, was buried on private land within his beloved Australia Zoo in Queensland or cremated.

As the third anniversary of his death approaches rumours remain that the ceremony involved a crocodile, in accordance with his last wishes.

But on Friday, through her lawyers, Terri Irwin said a claim that her husband was ''given as food to crocodiles'' was ''baseless'' and ''offensive''.

The bizarre rumours have circulated among Australia Zoo staff and the wider community for years.

On Friday, lawyer Malcolm McColm, representing Mrs Irwin, dismissed the crocodile claims. ''Such allegations are not only offensive but are baseless and without any foundation in truth whatsoever,'' he wrote.

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