Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Broken hearted teenager cuts off his genitals

An apparently broken hearted nineteen year-old, AMD, cut off his genitals and had to undergo serious treatment at a Cilacap General Hospital, Central Java.

The hospital`s Director Sugeng Budi Santoso, confirmed the incident and said the hospital is doing its best to heal the teenager`s wound.

The teenager`s family is unwilling to give the incident`s details, and only said the boy cut off his genitals learning that his girlfriend had married another man.

Initially AMD`s family tried to persuade in dealing with the case, but it was too late, because his cut-off his penis was already thrown into a well and could not be found.

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arbroath said...

Angsty teenagers in the West cut their wrists, angsty teenagers in the East...

I should be ashamed of myself.