Saturday, April 10, 2010

Couple find cow trapped under street

The rescue was a success after a cow that was trapped underneath the streets of Kaysville was freed from a storm drain. Davis County Animal Control officers believe the cow wandered into a culvert and then got stuck as the drain became narrow. They say it was under the street for at least five days.

Holden Holt and his wife said they found the cow stuck the drain while walking Thursday morning. "We heard a noise in the storm drain and my wife went over and looked and there was a head with some eyes poking out. It was a little frightening," Holt said.

The cow was fully-grown and had just recently delivered a calf. It was said to have wandered through an opening in the culvert and when the concrete tunnel became narrow, the animal crawled on its knees to reach a wider opening where it could stand.

Construction crews were able to dig a portion of the street up to create an opening big enough to hoist the cow using a tractor.


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