Wednesday, October 05, 2011

100-year-old requests a male stripper for her birthday

Cheeky Brummie Clare Ormiston got up close and personal with a male stripper to celebrate a special milestone in her life – her 100th birthday.

And it came as no surprise to the new centenarian who had looked forward to the scantily-clad treat since specifically requesting it back in June.

Clare’s large family, extending over four generations, and fellow residents at Glenfield Residential Home in Wythall also lapped up the entertainment during the celebrations on Friday. “I enjoyed that,” Clare admitted. “It definitely put a smile on my face.”

Stripper John Green, from Rubery, who goes under the stage name Scorpion, said it was the first time he had performed at a 100th birthday bash. “I think she really enjoyed it,” he said.



Ratz said...

When he took off his pants she had a stroke! But the other residents couldn't reach.

Anonymous said...

^ Ba-dum-tsh!