Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dentist detained for putting genitals in patient's mouth

A male Chinese dentist has been detained by police for putting his genitals into the mouth of a female patient while carrying out surgery in a Shanghai hospital, officials at the hospital have said.

The incident occurred in the Qinpu Zhongshan Hospital on Friday in the city's Qingpu District when the male dentist told his female patient to close her eyes and open her mouth, which was considered to be normal for an oral surgery, but he suddenly put his genitals into her mouth, hospital official said. An official surnamed Wang said that further details of the incident could not be released as the case was still under investigation.

Wang said the dentist was about 28 years old, held a masters degree and had worked at the hospital for two years. He "has been an excellent dentist who never showed any signs of behaving like this," Wang added. She said the man had a girlfriend and the couple had already applied for a marriage certificate.

Some hospital officials assumed that the dentist was suffering from mental problems, such as depression, but the exact reason for his actions was still unknown. Wang said the incident happened in the hospital's department of dentistry, which is not totally enclosed and has rooms connected to each other. The hospital alerted the police when relatives of the woman fiercely protested against the dentist's behaviour. Police are still looking into the case.

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