Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gutsy grandma grabbed armed robber’s testicles

A 65-year-old Ghanaian woman with an iron-like grip who could not withstand her daughter being attacked and robbed by two armed robbers, fought one of the robbers by grabbing his testicles. Mary Sagoe, according to police, held firmly while squeezing the testicles of the robber until police arrived at the scene late on Friday evening.

One of the armed robbers, only known as Lucky, managed to escape while suspect Daniel Richard Ikechukwu, 24, a Nigerian whose gonads were firmly held on the ground, was arrested by the police. Items found on him included 15 live cartridges, a dagger, lady’s bag and belt. Stephen Donyina-Kyeremeh, Tesano Divisional Crime Officer, said the incident occurred at around 8pm Friday night at Dome Pillar Two.

The two suspected armed robbers, both Nigerians from Abia State, attempted to rob and kidnap the victim. This was after Sophia Sagoe, driving a Kia Sportage had gone to visit her mother at around 7:30pm. When Ms Sagoe returned to pick her car which she had parked in front of the house, the two suspected armed robbers emerged, with one wearing a mask. At gunpoint, one of the robbers ordered Ms Sagoe to surrender her car keys; an order to which she obliged.

The two, after starting the ignition, pushed Ms Sagoe into the car in an attempt to kidnap her as well. Ms Sagoe's mother, not wishing to see her daughter daughter kidnapped, pounced on Daniel Ikechukwu, held him and squeezed his testicles hard. Sensing danger, suspect Lucky took to his heels while suspect Ikechukwu lay helplessly on the floor. Police from Tesano were called to the scene and the suspect was arrested.


Ratz said...

..the incident occurred at around 8pm Friday night at Dome Pillar Two.. Dome Pillar Two? That sounds very blade-runner-esque.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it isn't the first time she's done this.