Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Angry man smashes up T-Mobile shop

An angry customer was filmed as he went on the rampage in a Manchester city centre mobile phone store. The mobile phone video posted online shows the man ripping phones from the wall and letting off a fire extinguisher in T-Mobile’s Market Street shop. It also shows the man, dressed in a plaid shirt, tearing displays from the wall and knocking over stands. He continues to wreak havoc in the tiny store as staff stand-by amazed.

He then uses a fire extinguisher to cause further damage, eventually setting it off. Five police officers are eventually seen entering the store and arrest the man, who appears calm and measured as he is handcuffed. The footage was shot by a member of the public who was one of a number of people who witnessed the rampage through the windows.

The film ends with a shot which shows a large crowd of people standing motionless on Market Street, transfixed by the dramatic scenes. Police were called to the shop at 4.25pm on Saturday after reports of an 'aggressive customer'. A spokesman for T-Mobile said the incident had started when a customer requested a refund which was refused because the customer was not deemed to be entitled to it.

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There were seven members of staff and 'a number of customers' in the store at the time and all were taken outside the shop while they waited for police to arrive. The spokesman added that the incident was 'very upsetting' for staff. The store is still closed while T-Mobile takes stock of the damage but will reopen 'as soon as possible'. T-Mobile added: "We will of course continue to work to ensure the safety – of both our staff and our customers - is of paramount importance at all times." Jason Codner, 42, of Cannon Green Court, Salford, has been charged with a public order offence and criminal damage and is due to appear before magistrates on July 31.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised that some people stayed inside the store while the man was smashing everything up. If I were one of them I would be frightened that he might attack me next.