Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Emergency surgery for spoon fed dog

A dog had to undergo surgery after wolfing down a strawberry along with the spoon it was served on. Max the rottweiler underwent an emergency operation last month after X-rays revealed the 5in (12.7cm) teaspoon lodged in his stomach, pet charity PDSA said.

The 10-year-old’s owner, Annette Robertshaw, of Wakefield, said her brother had been visiting her and was eating some strawberries when Max took a shine to them. He offered Max one on a teaspoon but was caught totally by surprise when the dog gulped down both items. Max did not suffer any immediate ill-effects but Mrs Robertshaw, 47, took him to her local PDSA pet hospital.

An X-ray showed the spoon lodged firmly in Max’s stomach and he was rushed into surgery to remove it. PDSA veterinary surgeon Daniel Cook said: “I have never seen a dog that’s eaten a teaspoon before although we do see lots of odd things that dogs have eaten, such as socks and children’s toys.”

He said ideally pets should be fed from their own food bowls to avoid this type of mishap. Mrs Robertshaw said Max has fully recovered but now turns his nose up at strawberries. She said: “We don’t feed him anything on a spoon any more just in case but he doesn’t seem to be too interested in strawberries lately.”

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