Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Man flipped out of car sunroof during crash

A man was thrown from a car as it hurtled into a Dudley front garden – but he walked away from the wreckage unhurt, as this dramatic footage shows. CCTV footage captured the Peugeot 406 mounting the pavement, smashing through a brick wall and overturning outside Joyce Hampton’s house.

Stunned residents in Brook Street, Woodsetton, Dudley, rushed outside after hearing the crash. Miss Hampton’s brother Howard, aged 74, who lives next door with his wife Margaret, 70, had recently installed the cameras after becoming concerned about speeding motorists.

YouTube link.

The retired couple were watching television inside when they heard a loud bang – and they were shocked when they later watched the drama unfold on the recording. CCTV shows the car as it flips over in front of the house – and the man can be seen being catapulted from the sunroof of the vehicle and landing in the garden.

He then quickly stands up and pulls down his T-shirt before walking back towards the car. Piles of debris settle around the vehicle, which was badly damaged. Miss Hampton’s brother said: “He was flung from the car like a rag doll and it is amazing no-one was more badly hurt. A woman got out of the car and they were hugging each other. It was like they couldn’t believe they were still alive.”

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