Saturday, August 18, 2012

Police use helium-filled balloons balloons as weapon against burglaries

Police in Altrincham, Cheshire, are using helium-filled balloons in their fight against burglary. They are putting balloons through open doors and windows in a bid to shock residents into making sure their homes are secure.

Attached to the balloons is a card which saying ‘why am I here?’, making the point that it could be a thief coming in through the window. Hotter weather often leads to an increase in burglaries as residents leave doors and windows open.

Inspector Clark Bowers, from the Altrincham neighbourhood policing team, said: "We know that around one in three burglaries happen because of an insecurity – a window left open, a door left unlocked and thieves will hunt for this.

"This initiative is about warning decent people of the threat, and encouraging them to lock it or lose it." Any homes that have balloons put through the window or door will then have a follow-up visit from police community support officers, who will carry out a security assessment and offer crime prevention advice.

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