Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Two-legged dog to be adopted by vet

A dog who lost two legs after falling from a ledge at her home in Santos near Sao Paulo in Brazil is to be adopted by a vet who was moved by her plight.

Manu, who is just over one-year, was ignored by her owners for 15 days while she lay in agony with two fractures.

After three months treatment Manu has made good progress. Her original owners were fined £1,000.

With very short video.


Anonymous said...

A £1,000 fine doesn't even begin to cover it.

Anonymous said...

The dog looks to be coping fine, resilient creatures they are! Kind of reminds me of a Gyrosprinter from the book know, having only one front and one hind leg but still able to walk!

Anonymous said...

Go little Manu! If the two-legged greyhound Dominic can do it, so can you!