Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Training course set up to 'accquaint' Dutch people with Highland cattle

A training course has been launched in Holland to help people who are scared of Highland cattle. The classes were set up after a cow charged at a man in the Noord-Holland area.

Rick Kolster said he had to run “for his life” after the beast careered towards him as he walked in dunes. He complained to the local water board, PWN, who manage the dunes.

The firm have now set up courses to “acquaint” people with the animals. A PWN spokeswoman said: “We have several Highland cow colleges or training courses, which you can join.

“There are many people who are still very scared of the cows and with this course we try to adjust the people to the cows.” The cattle are widespread in Holland and are used often to eat shrubs and plants.

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