Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Kangaroo on the hop at airport rescued by wildlife officers

A kangaroo on the loose in the Melbourne Airport car park has been rescued by wildlife officers. Airport spokeswoman Anna Gillett confirmed the marsupial had been tranquilised and loaded into a wildlife rescue van.

Ms Gillett said wildlife officers had inspected the animal and confirmed it was an eastern grey roo. "It’s about 30kg which would make it about three-years-old," Ms Gillett said. It had damage to its nails and would need to be monitored.

Ms Gillett said the roo had been on the pedestrian bridge leading to the terminal and moved to the car park at about 7am on Monday. Rangers arrived just before 9am where police and airport staff had managed to corner the animal in one section of the car park.

YouTube link.

"There are a number of kangaroos around the airport and some living on the land,” Ms Gillett said. "It is very unusual for them to get into the car park though."

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