Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Man pelted girlfriend with oranges during argument over karaoke

Police in Collier County, Florida arrested a man who allegedly beat and threw oranges at his girlfriend after they had an argument over her singing karaoke. Deputies were dispatched to a neighbourhood on Turtle Creek Drive around 2:00 am after neighbours reported a woman was frantically knocking on doors with her infant saying she had been beaten by her boyfriend. Deputies spoke to the woman's boyfriend, Hai Tan Nguyen, 46, of Naples.

Nguyen told deputies that he, his girlfriend and their 8-month-old son had been at a house party that evening. While at the party, he noticed that the baby had a runny nose and told his girlfriend to hold the baby and keep him warm. Nguyen told deputies his girlfriend was singing karaoke at the time and did not stop to do what he asked which made him angry. Nguyen told deputies they got into an argument and left the party. When asked, Nguyen denied ever hitting his girlfriend.

Nguyen's girlfriend told deputies that he had become upset with her because she was singing karaoke at the party and several men appeared to be taking an interest in her. She told deputies that Nguyen told her that she was singing too loudly and it was hurting their baby's ears. She went on to say that when they got home, Nguyen began yelling and throwing oranges at her while holding the baby in his other arm. She told deputies Nguyen then put the baby down on the couch and began hitting her in the face and head.

She then picked up the baby and went outside to get help. Deputies noticed marks and scratches on the woman's body. After examining the couple's home, deputies noticed several damaged oranges on the floor and splatter marks on the wall. When deputies asked Nguyen about the oranges and the holes in the wall, he stated that his girlfriend had thrown the oranges at him. Nguyen did not answer when asked by deputies why he did not tell them about having the oranges thrown at him when they first spoke. Nguyen was arrested for battery and taken to the Collier County Jail.

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