Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watermelon used as weapon in bus driver assault

A bus driver in Darwin, Australia, was allegedly punched and smashed over the head with a watermelon - as the alleged offender's young children watched.

The Buslink vehicle was at Hibiscus Shopping Centre in Leanyer at lunchtime on Tuesday when the allegedly drunk passenger began arguing with the driver about a fare. It is believed the driver ordered the man off the bus.

A friend of a witness said: "As he did, the man pulled out a watermelon and was making the driver flinch a few times before smashing it over his head. Then he punched him (and broke) the driver's eye glasses.

"Also the offender's four children, who looked under the age of 12, watched on." A 53-year-old man is in police custody and being interviewed about the incident.

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