Monday, February 11, 2013

Chef serves six-course soil menu at Tokyo restaurant

A Tokyo restaurant which usually serves up French-style seafood has launched a six-course menu of dishes made from soil.

Owner and head chef at Ne Quittez Pas, Toshio Tanabe, has been slowly introducing his customers to soil inspired cuisine over the last eight years.

"Man didn't create the sea, the air or the soil. They're simply all part of nature, and in a sense they are alive in their own right. What I'm trying to do is reflect that feeling in food," he said.

YouTube link.

Among the dishes on the menu are soil soup served with a flake of dirty truffle, soil sorbet and Toshio's pride and joy, the soil surprise - a dirt covered potato ball with a truffle centre. Before being used in the meals, the soil is lightly cooked and then put through a sieve to remove any grains of sand. The six-course menu costs around £70.


BoS said...

After "lightly" cooking the soil and sieving it how, exactly, is the worm poo removed? Cos that's what the humus in soil is, worm poo.

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arbroath said...

Heh heh, I heard you the first time!