Monday, February 11, 2013

Horse meat found in British processed food 'may be donkey'

A law banning horses from Romanian roads may be responsible for the surge in the fraudulent sale of horse meat on the European beef market, a French politician said yesterday.

Horse-drawn carts were a common form of transport for centuries in Romania, but hundreds of thousands of the animals are feared to have been sent to the abattoir after the change in road rules.

The law, which was passed six years ago but only enforced recently, also banned carts drawn by donkeys.

This has led to speculation among food-industry officials in France that some of the “horse meat” which has turned up in food in Britain, France and Sweden may, in fact, turn out to be donkey meat.


Ratz said...

Boggle.. it really does say:

donkey miscellaneous broth, donkey meat broth.

I think I'll go for the meat broth, I've no idea what (that isn't meat) is miscellaneous on a donkey.

arbroath said...

Cheers for the translation, Ratz!

Gareth said...

But does it make a difference where it comes from or why? If it's sold as beef it should be beef.

Yes, they eat horse and donkey in some parts of Europe. The latter is apparently common in some sausages. But that is irrelevant to the case in hand. Somebody is clearly fraudulently selling horse (ish) meat as beef and that's illegal. Just as selling turkey as chicken is illegal. That's far from uncommon you know.