Monday, February 11, 2013

Horror as teenager finds piece of tomato in beef and tomato Pot Noodle

Halifax teenager Kelly Hoggarth was eating a beef and tomato Pot Noodle when she suddenly turned away in horror. She is convinced an eyeball was staring back at her and has vowed never to eat a Pot Noodle again.

While it could be the end of a tomato stalk, Kelly is convinced it is an eyeball - possibly from a rodent. “I’d put the Pot Noodle on a plate and was half-way through when I saw something that did not seem right,” said Kelly, 18. “I touched it with my fork and saw the eyeball.

“I did not want to eat the rest. I felt sick but didn’t physically throw up. I won’t be buying any more Pot Noodles.” She took a photograph and said her friends’ were also wondering what it was and they told her it could possibly be an eyeball from a rodent.

That prompted her to contact manufacturer Unilever who said they will investigate further and report back in a couple of weeks. A spokesperson for Unilever said: “We have stringent health and hygiene standards making it highly unlikely for anything other than the intended ingredients to feature in our product.”


MJWoogums said...

that looks like the top/bottom of the tomato...

Annemarie said...

first horsemeat and now this.
real tomato in a pot noodle, oh the horror the horror

Gareth said...

Clearly a tomato. Not the brightest of girls is she?