Thursday, February 07, 2013

Motorbike enthusiast builds 10-seater crocodile on wheels

A motorcycle enthusiast and mechanic in Amritsar, India, has designed a motorbike that looks like a crocodile on wheels. Pradeep Kumar Mehta, who owns a workshop, initially thought of the idea to impress onlookers, friends and customers with his skill and creativity. He got down to designing a motorcycle that not only looks like a crocodile, but can also seat ten people.

It took him nearly nine months to give the bike its predatory look, managing the whole exercise in less than US $1,000 by picking up a used motorcycle and then working on the look and the embellishments. "I bought the motorcycle for 3,000 rupees a year and a half ago. The customization cost me 45,000 rupees. It has taken me more than eight months to design this motorcycle," he said.

Nearly 13 feet long, the motorcycle is four and a half feet wide and weights 210 kilograms. Its crocodile shaped 'mouth' houses twin headlamps and the carbon fibre design features doors for the rider and his passengers to get to the seat. Mehta said that he was motivated by the desire to have a motorcycle that would be sufficient to ferry his family and friends on their outings together.

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In a country where a vehicle's fuel efficiency is the first thing that is looked at, Mehta's motorcycle is a frugal one. "I believe that a motorcycle should be sufficient to take us anywhere we want, whether it is on a holiday or to a fair, without any problems. The bike gives 35 kilometres to a litre, runs to a top speed of 50 kilometres per hour, and can seat 10 people," he said.

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