Sunday, March 24, 2013

Australian motorist raced for his life against massive tornado

Two Australian men made a dramatic escape from a tornado in New South Wales after the twister touched down only metres from their car.

Daniel Clarke, 24, has told how he was driving from the town of Mulwala to nearby Barooga when the tornado, which was around 50 metres wide at its base, appeared in a field next to them.

Contains NSFW language.

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Nearby power lines exploded with a blue flash as they were hit by the whirling column of air. With rain and debris hammering the windscreen as the tornado advances towards them, Mr Clarke reverses at speed before performing a hand-brake turn in the road.

But the twister continues to barrel through the adjoining field, travelling almost parallel to their car at a speed of approximately 50mph. "I've never seen a demonstration of Mother Nature like that, it was just very intense and very scary," said Mr Clarke said.

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