Friday, March 08, 2013

Blind dog gets guide dog

A caring terrier has taken on the role as guide-dog for his blind labrador brother. Little crossbreed terrier Milo, six, acts as seven-year-old Eddie’s eyes to play and bring him back to proud owner Angie Baker-Stedham when they’re out and about.

He can even be seen pulling Eddie along by a lead. Angie, 45, says the heartwarming pair from Cardiff are joined at the hip. She said: “Before Eddie went blind they both used to chase after dog toys, but now Eddie relies on Milo to help him play and they love going into the woods. Milo has always got his eye on Eddie and even sits on Eddie’s back when he lies down.

“I first noticed that Eddie was going blind last year when he started to walk into wheelie bins and walls. It happened so quickly which is sad because before they used to play together so easily. Now Milo helps me to fetch Eddy when I call for him. He leads Eddie all the way back to me.”

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Milo took on the role of his assistance dog with no training. Angie said: “Milo really cares for Eddie, he always licks his face, they sleep in the same room and spend all their time together. Without Milo, Eddie would be lost. It’s a wonderful relationship and improves Eddie’s quality of life, as his blindness is incurable.”

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