Friday, March 08, 2013

Inquisitive puppy got head stuck in kitchen sink

An inquisitive puppy gave his owners a fright after he got his head stuck in the plug hole of a discarded kitchen sink. Eight-week-old Tyson became trapped while he was out playing with his brother Rocky in his owner’s garden on Sunday. Owner Nilu Odedra, from Leicester, had to drive Tyson - and the kitchen sink - to an animal surgery, where vets were relieved to find a sedative and a bit of manoeuvring was all that was needed to free the German shepherd rottweiler cross.

Nilu, 41, said: "The pair of them were playing in the garden with my daughter, Sonal, and she went upstairs to get changed into some old clothes so she didn’t get dirty. We heard barking and I thought something must be wrong because they never bark. My daughter started shouting to me. I ran down to her and saw Tyson had got his head stuck in the the wastage plug hole of the sink.

Nilu and Sonal, 19, tried to use shampoo to lubricate the area around Tyson’s neck, but it was no use. Nilu said: "He didn’t like that and my daughter was crying and panicking and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, he is the lazy one of the pair of dogs and he wasn’t really panicking." They rang vets at Park Vet Hospital and bundled Tyson and the sink into the car.

Vet nurse Faye Martin and colleague Ariel Korber treated Tyson. Faye, who has worked at the surgery for seven years, said: "I have never seen anything like it. It was really quite funny to see this tiny head sticking out of this huge sink. I’ve had dogs with things stuck in their mouths, but never anything like this." Tyson was given a small sedative to relax him and within minutes vets manoeuvred his head free.

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