Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dog to get rehab after owner hacked off his back legs so he couldn't climb chain link fence

After Fabio, a white-haired Maltese, had his back legs hacked off by a former owner, he got around as best as he could, but this week the 4-year-old Florida dog is being fitted in New Orleans for new shoes that will help him run and play like other dogs.

"His legs were cut off by his ex-owner so he couldn't climb a chain link fence," said Joani Ellis of Florida Poodle Rescue. "Fabio's bone is just covered with skin, so it hurts him when he stands or walks."

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Ellis and Fabio have travelled to New Orleans to spend one week meeting with specialists and working out at a doggy rehab center that may change the Maltese's life forever.

"They're going to make impressions and make him some boots so he can walk without pain," Ellis said. "It's my hope that he will be able to run and play. He so wants to, like a normal dog." Fabio will test out his new shoes at Dag's House, a Marrero rehab centre.

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Barbwire said...

Bless whoever rescued him, and the people who adopted him, and the vet who will make his prostheses!