Thursday, June 06, 2013

Media pack deserted Australian politician mid-press conference to chase after another MP

A pack of journalists deserted the Liberals' shadow immigration minister, Scott Morrison, in the middle of his press conference on Wednesday morning when they saw former Labor whip Joel Fitzgibbon arrive.

Mr Morrison was left somewhat bemused when mid-sentence he was abandoned by the press pack who scurried off in pursuit of Mr Fitzgibbon.

YouTube link.

Hands in his pockets, Mr Morrison was left alone with no one but his press secretary Julian Leembruggen and a row of fluffy TV microphones to keep him company in the sub-zero Canberra cold.

All he could do was watch on and wish the pack was back with him. As the media pack returned Mr Morrison tried to set aside the hurt and quipped "that will warm you up".

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BoS said...

Never a bad thing when a politician gets a wee dent in his ego.