Saturday, July 06, 2013

Catnapper who took kitten from grocery store caught on CCTV

The moment a seven-month-old kitten was taken from under the nose of its owners while they were working in their shop has been captured on CCTV. The family-of-seven had thought Pepper, a young black and brown kitten, had walked off to “socialise” but when Shan Kandiah later watched footage filmed at Shan Grocers, in Ilford, London, they realised she had been stolen by a “customer”.

The security tapes show the kitten being picked up by a supposed-customer at around 9.45pm on Saturday, while Mr Kandiah’s back was turned. The man, who is seen pulling up in a silver Ford Focus with a friend, appears to drive off with the kitten in tow. Mr Kandiah, 44, said: “The man didn’t buy anything, he only seemed interested in our kitten. I’ve been here for 12 years but didn’t recognise him. He walked past me but I was too busy and didn’t notice.

“My children are very upset. I told them the cat had just wandered off at first as not to worry them. I think this man is disgusting, he’s taken part of our family. I really hope we can get her back” The family, who first opened the shop 12 years ago, had bought Pepper alongside her sister when they were just three weeks old. Mr Kandiah said: “It makes you think what kind of people are living in this world; they would take anything.

“I hope Pepper is being looked after nicely. If I had known I would never have let him drive away.” Mr Kandiah’s wife, Shanti, 39, added: “We are so sad Pepper is not here any more. My little one always sits with her and strokes her while we are in the shop, when her brother and sisters go to school. This man shouldn’t have taken her, she is clearly someone’s pet. She loves being around everyone and keeps them company.” Police have viewed the CCTV footage but no one has yet been arrested.

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