Friday, July 12, 2013

Monkey has become regular visitor at Mumbai swimming pool

Swimmers at a municipal pool in the Mumbai suburb of Mulund have been seeing an unlikely visitor recently.

Every day for the past week, the primate has been showing up at the Kalidas Swimming Pool at around 7am, swimming without a worry for about an hour, much to the astonishment of regulars. It doesn't bother other swimmers or jostle for space on the diving board. It usually stays away from the crowd, swimming across the breadth of the pool.

The monkey created quite a stir the first time it turned up and took a dive - some children jumped out of the pool - but now members have grown fond of it. For a couple of days, the facility's caretakers tried to scare the monkey away, but it would return for its hourly swim the next morning.

YouTube link.

The management finally decided to leave the eviction task to the pros. "We have informed the forest department, and they will take care of the monkey," said the pool supervisor, Milind Bhingarde. In the meantime, the monkey has become a star attraction.

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