Thursday, September 05, 2013

Cemetery graveside hole jewel-theft theory

A large hole found next to a grave may have been dug by thieves trying to steal jewellery from a casket, police said. The hole - 4ft (1.2m) deep and 3ft (0.9m) wide - was found at a cemetery on Tredworth Road, Gloucester on Monday.

Relatives of Henry and Betty Brazil, who are buried in the casket, said it showed the "dead can't rest anymore". Gloucestershire Police confirmed there had been no damage done to the casket. However, Mr and Mrs Brazil's daughter Jenny Jones, said it was very upsetting.

"All my brothers and sisters are distressed," she said. "There's someone at the grave pretty much every day at the moment to make sure this doesn't happen again but we can't keep that up forever. My message is please just let them rest." Police said two recycling boxes had been placed upside down in the hole, with earth laid across the top, in an attempt to disguise it.

"Fortunately, no damage was done to the casket but the family is angry and distressed," said a force spokesman. "While it is unknown if those responsible were trying to bury something or uncover something the family believe they could have been after jewellery and other valuables contained in the casket at the grave."

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