Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flames Coffee Shop destroyed by fire

Firefighters extinguished a fire that destroyed a diner in San Jose, California. The blaze broke out in the kitchen area of Flames Coffee Shop at around 6:20am on Saturday.

A few workers were preparing to open the restaurant when the fire broke out in the kitchen area, San Jose fire Capt. Barry Ehlers said. Ehlers said two of the employees ran to a fire station located just around the corner and alerted firefighters to the blaze.

By the time crews arrived on the scene about a minute later, thick black smoke was billowing from all sides of the restaurant. Fuelled by cooking oils, furniture and other materials, the blaze ripped through the building, causing multiple sections of the roof to collapse.

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Firefighters battled the fire from the outside and were able to keep it from spreading to neighbouring businesses. The fire was put out at around 7:30am. The building was completely gutted by the fire, which Ehlers estimated caused more than $1 million in damage. No injuries were reported.

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Re: Bad Names.

I have similar worries about our Target department stores (which actually have a fairly decent selection of stuff) and Bullets fast-food drive-ins. Also, a while back there was a fast-food chain with outlets called The Chicken Box.