Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clear as mud


Elena said...

I think the sign is trying to say,

"If you want to dine-in, you can't order take-out or take out the food served to you. If you want to order take-out, you can take a tray to hold your food but you can't eat them inside the restaurant/cafe."

Source: From years of communicating with people who talk/write like that.

Why such weird rules: Some eating places charge more for take-out versions of food.

arbroath said...

Heh heh, thanks for that Elena!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a Chinese restaurant.

Unknown said...

This is in relation to a new local law passed by the council.

Companies are no longer allowed to let their customers who are sitting at a table go outside and sit with paper packets etc. The new rules state that any restaurant serving food to patrons sitting at a table outside must give them proper plates and knives in order to stop the amount of junk being left around. So the likes of McDonalds etc, fast food restaurants that use cardboard trays and packets cant allow their patrons to sit at outside tables, mainly because they dont have real plates and they don't intend to buy them.

arbroath said...

Thank you for explaining that Martin!