Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Man called for police help after having a few beers and getting lost 300m from his house

A man in Australia's Northern Territory called police after having a few beers and getting lost 300 metres from his own house.

Thankfully, he'd had the sense to carry his phone and was able to call police for help at about 11.30 on Monday night after wandering lost for an hour on his own property in Noonamah, about 45km from Darwin.

Three officers arrived and with the help of a neighbour, began calling for the man, who yelled back a short time later. He was found "in good health and very appreciative of police actions."

The lost man explained to police he thought he had spotted a dingo walk past his house and ventured out to scare it away for the good of his pets.

There's a voice-altered audio interview with the gentleman who became lost here.

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