Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Theft of corned beef forced cancellation of corned beef and cabbage dinner

Canadian Mounties moved in as quickly as they could but, in the end, were able to save only a fraction of the 18 kilogrammes of corned beef reported stolen in Shelburne, Ontario.

The meat was snatched from the kitchen of the Lions Club and forced the last-minute cancellation of a corned beef and cabbage dinner in honour of an official visit by the service organization’s district governor.

A pair of Shelburne residents were arrested in connection with several burglaries, including the theft that resulted in a sudden shortage of corned beef in the town.

Joey Wayne Langthorne, 35, and Kathy Lynn Gallant, 55, face numerous charges, including break, enter and theft and possessing stolen goods. 13.5 kilogrammes of the corned beef are missing.

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