Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Roofer rescued from scaffolding after suffering from vertigo

A Plymouth roofing contractor had to be rescued by fire crews after suffering an attack of vertigo.

The man was working on scaffolding outside the second storey of a building in Lipson, at about 9.20am on Monday.

Crew commander Phil Laws, from Greenbank fire station, said: “He was a young man who was contracted in to help a roofer. Once he got up he discovered that he had vertigo and found he could not get off the scaffolding. He was agitated and scared.”

Firefighters from Greenbank and Plymstock, along with a specialist rescue team from Camels Head, went up using a 10.5 metre ladder and put the man in a safety harness before leading him down to the ground. Mr Laws added: “He was fine, just a bit embarrassed.”

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Anonymous said...

Should that be acrophobia rather than Vertigo? Acrophobia is the fear of heights which might cause vertigo in some people.