Thursday, June 26, 2014

Police search for sartorially challenged bank robbers

Pittsburgh police are searching for a bank robber who wore a pink shirt and pink pyjama bottoms, and topped off his disguise with a skeleton mask and a black wig. Police say the robbery happened at about 1pm on Monday at the Huntingdon Bank branch in the city's Carrick neighbourhood.

The suspect was speaking to someone on a cellphone during the heist, possibly a getaway driver. Police say the suspect stuffed the loot into a black purse. Police say a dye pack in the money exploded. Witnesses say the man appeared to be somewhat soiled even before he entered the bank. He was also wearing a black apron and white athletic shoes, both of which were spattered with grease.

Meanwhile, Beaufort County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina are searching for a man wearing a red dress, a black hat, a wig and purple glitter lipstick who robbed a Lady's Island bank on Tuesday afternoon before pedalling away on a bicycle. The fashionably dressed suspect entered the bank at about 1:30pm and demanded money from a teller.

Wardrobe aside, the suspect was described as a black male with a thin build who was about 6 feet tall. The is no word as to whether that was with or without heels. The suspect, who arrived carrying a large bag, stole an undisclosed amount of cash before riding away on the two-wheeler. While he did not brandish a weapon, he is still considered potentially armed and dangerous, police say.

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