Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coyote ran into home before taking refuge in the fireplace

A coyote ran into a house in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Friday, pursuing a man and his dog, then barricaded itself in the chimney and refused to leave. The coyote wouldn't move. Homeowner, Jonathan Radow called 911. Scottsdale police officers arrived at the scene, along with a wildlife expert.

"The sergeant came over, he's like I've never seen anything like this in my 39-year career. They were all laughing, saying this is one I'm not going to forget," said Radow. Finally, they were able to get the coyote in a crate. He's now being cared for at Southwest Wildlife Center in North Scottsdale.

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"He's a young male, probably born this spring, so he's kind of like a teenager in coyote terminology and he's just kind of clueless and trying to figure out the world," said Kim Carr with Southwest Wildlife. Caretakers believe he was curled up and scared. "He just kind of shut down, he was probably so afraid, not knowing and had never been in a house before and had no idea where he was," said Carr.

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"That's a place that felt safe to him, a nice little tight fireplace," she said. He will be quarantined for three weeks and if all goes well he will be released with a litter and join the family. "He might be able to go in and be socialized with them and be part of the pack, and hopefully theyll all get to be released as a unit," said Carr.

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