Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Motorist doing handstands on motorway hard shoulder scored highly for effort by traffic police

Police were called to the hard shoulder of the busy M60 in Manchester after motorists spotted a man doing handstands next to his broken down car in a bid to keep warm.

Officers received the unusual call after confused drivers saw the man attempting to stay toasty with a spot of impromptu roadside gymnastics just before 7pm on Sunday evening.

Police found him near J5 of the M60 on the slip road for the M56 near Manchester Airport. The North West Motorway Police account tweeted: “A report of a broken down vehicle on the hard shoulder male at side doing handstands. Police attended, he was trying to keep warm.”

Officers warned the man that his antics were concerning other drivers, but scored him highly for effort. A spokesperson said: “The gentleman was advised that his gymnastics were attracting attention. His vehicle was recovered and he scored 8.5.”

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