Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Man stopped while driving pink Power Wheels Cadillac arrested for credit card abuse

A man was recently pulled over while cruising around Shepherd in San Jacinto County, Texas, in a pink Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade. Deputy Nathan Deweese arrested the driver, David Schumaker, on Feb. 25, but not for his choice of vehicles. Instead he was arrested on a charge of credit card abuse.

After being dispatched to Shepherd to investigate the wrongdoing, Deweese reportefly found Schumaker driving around the neighbourhood in a pink Power Wheels. Some local residents claimed to have seen Schumaker using the undersized toy car as his personal transportation.

“We’ve gotten calls on the guy driving around,” said SJCSO Lt. David Lawrenz. According to Lawrenz, Schumaker was seen driving the toy car in Shepherd close to McClain’s Food Market. Schumaker is alleged to have stolen a credit card from a woman in the area who knows him personally.

“The lady saw him go across the street,” said Lawrenz. “She got an alert on her phone [regarding her card being used].” At the time of his arrest, Schumaker reportedly was looking for a new battery for his toy car. The toy car has since gone into another individual’s possession. “It was released to a family member. It wasn’t towed,” said Lawrenz.

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