Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Police seek owner of mystery box

Police in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire are trying to solve the mystery of a box that was found on the side of the road in Bristol. They want to know where this box came from and who it belongs to. The wooden box has a gold-coloured metallic overlay.

“It's fairly large, has a lot of emblems on it. It looks ancient, but I don't believe it’s that old,” said Officer Nicholas Kelley. Police received a phone call from a concerned passer-by who spotted it about two weeks ago, not knowing whether it was trash or treasure. Police said the box measures nearly two feet wide and features what looks like a family dining together on the front.

The box was basically empty, except for a red bow, some lint and a “Made in England” sticker that police said could have transferred from another item. “I have no idea. It’s probably just some family heirloom that was probably taken from someone's home,” said Kelley. Police say the mystery box could be part of a crime, stolen from a seasonal home, emptied and then dumped.

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“We believe it may have been burglarized from a home, and the people haven't come up yet and hopefully people will see it and know it’s theirs,” said Kelley. Kelley said the box could be special to someone, especially if it was passed down. Bristol police are seeking the rightful owner to solve the case.

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