Saturday, May 07, 2016

Deer with head stuck in light globe saved

NYS Environmental Conservation Officer Jeff Hull responded to a once-in-a-lifetime call on Tuesday morning: a deer with its head stuck in a streetlamp light globe.

When Hull arrived on the scene in Centereach, New York, he spotted the deer laying in the woods near a housing development, about 20 yards from the road. The deer had somehow managed to get its head fully stuck inside of a large white light globe.

The initial call said the deer had been stuck in its unusual light fixture predicament since the previous night.Hull approached the deer and attempted to free its head, but the globe, damp from the morning’s rain, slipped out of his hands. The deer made a break for it, only to quickly run into a nearby downed tree and fall to the ground.

On his second attempt, Hull flung his coat over the light globe, grabbing it in a bear hug with both arms as the deer kicked and struggled to break free. Finally the deer managed to slip its head out of the globe and made its escape quickly back into the woods. Officer Hull says the encounter left him with a few bruises and his integrity mostly intact.

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