Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Horrified passer-by reported severed hand in canal to police before realising it was a glove

A concerned passer-by called police to report a severed hand was seen floating in a canal in Manchester city centre .

But when the caller took a second look they realised the hand, seen in a stretch of the Rochdale Canal near Ducie Street, was in actual fact a glove.

The mortified caller quickly spoke to Greater Manchester Police again to inform them of their mistake. A message from the GMP City Centre Twitter account said: “Thankfully, person who reported severed hand in canal Ducie St, quickly rang back to say it’s OK.

“It’s just a glove. No arm done then...” The embarrassed caller later revealed herself and posted an image of the glove with the message: “In our defence the glove did look particularly hand like. Thanks GMP for being so cool about it!”

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