Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sign warns of middle-aged dumpy woman inviting people on midnight walks with dog

A sign has appeared near Barnehurst Golf Course in south east London to warn residents about a "dumpy pervert" who "must be avoided".

The sign, attached to a tree close to the club brands the woman as a "disgusting pervert" who attempts to tempt dog walkers to take part in dogging and is looking to arrange a "seedy get together" in a nearby field.

The sign warns that: "[She is] friendly at first but be warned, she has an agenda. She and her partner are doggers, trying to test the waters to see if you want to join in their dirty antics."

The author goes on to claim that the "5ft 4" woman" tried to "touch them in [their] special place" and warns readers: "If she offers you a 10 man train or asks if you like pearly rain you know its time to walk away. We have all seen the stockings on the bushes. Give her a wide berth."

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