Friday, June 10, 2016

Horse wears funny mask to avoid sunburn

Kimberley, a 14-year-old rescue horse from Ireland, is susceptible to sunburn, so she wears a mask with big blue eyes and a smiley face.

The normally placid cremello pony is employed to provide rides for youngsters by the North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled (RDA) group in East Riding of Yorkshire. But try applying sun cream and she changes in an instant. "Kimberley is pure white and has a pink mouth and pink around her eyes," group organiser Debra Pea said.

"With it being really hot and sunny recently she is susceptible and we need to apply her with sun cream. But she knows when you are about to apply it and she really doesn't like it. It is a really tough job to do. That is why we have put the mask on her to protect her from the sun. It is a fine netting so she can see through it perfectly well and she is happy with it.

"We have plain mask, but that can make her look a little sinister. Somebody bought this mask and kindly gave it to us. Kimberley is a sensible horse but she is happy to wear the mask. A lot of people have commented on it and it has been a great source of amusement. It is also great for the kids. It cheers them up and they find it a lot more friendly."

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Ratz said...

Well, at least given it's ireland it's rare she'll have to wear the thing.