Friday, June 03, 2016

Man fell from balcony while hiding from lover’s husband

A sneaky afternoon tryst left a man in hospital after he fell from a balcony while trying to hide from his lover’s husband, who returned home unexpectedly.

Passers-by saw the 36-year-old man clinging to the second-floor balcony railing of an apartment in Barletta, Puglia, Italy, and then falling.

He had hidden on the balcony after hearing his lover’s husband return home. “He hung to the railing so as not to be seen,” a police officer in Barletta said. “He was there only a few minutes before falling. The wife called the emergency line.”

The officer added that the railing was unable to hold the man’s weight, and so he fell. He suffered spinal fractures and other injuries and is recovering in Barletta’s Dimiccoli hospital.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! In my day, stories about illicit lovers hanging from an upper-story windowsill to avoid the spouse were _fiction_.


(The alternative story is trying to hide in a closet and finding someone already there.)

Elena said...

I wonder how he ripped his underpants.