Sunday, July 03, 2016

Man has invented omnidirectional wheels that can make cars move sideways

The age of parallel parking may soon be over thanks to a literal reinvention of the wheel by Canadian man William Liddiard.

“True all-way drive for anything with wheels,” Liddiard, from London, Ontario, says about his successful prototype of “omnidirectional” wheels, a specialised rim and tyre that can allow any car the ability to move sideways.

The tyre is rounded like a doughnut and sits within a specialised roller-equipped rim that can move the tyre horizontally. The result is a wheel that can allow any car to “crab” side to side. “This is a world first bolt-on application for anything with wheels,” says Liddiard.

YouTube link.

“Now you can drive in all directions, and turn on the spot, when needed.” The wheels are merely a “proof of concept” prototype, but Liddiard asserts that his design would allow them to be made as durable and safe as standard automotive wheels. He is currently seeking to sell the technology to a major tyre or automotive company.

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Anonymous said...

I think the term "mad genius" applies.

Can you imagine doing this in the parking lot outside where an AA meeting is being held?