Sunday, July 03, 2016

Woman arrested after allegedly threatening neighbour with gun in missing duck dispute

A woman from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of threatening her neighbour with a pistol over a dispute about a missing duck.

According to the Manitowoc Police Department, Sarah Schisel, 69, approached her neighbour at around 7:20pm to prove she did not have his pet duck.

Schisel wanted her neighbour, a 36-year-old man, to search her garage and see that his duck was not on her property. She then drew a pistol from her shirt pocket and pointed it toward his stomach.

The neighbour reacted by disarming Schisel and pushing her to the ground. Schisel later told police she was aware that bullets were in the gun and that the gun safety was off. She was arrested on suspicion of reckless endangerment and carrying a concealed weapon.

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