Thursday, September 08, 2016

Vets say spaniel was high on drugs

An unwell dog that was taken for treatment by his owner was high on drugs, vets have said. They examined Lennie the spaniel after he ate something that made him sick on the Northam Burrows, near Bideford in Devon, on Sunday.

Veterinary surgeon Katherine Garside said Lennie "was twitching a lot" and "hallucinating". "We were suspicious he had some recreational drugs or maybe some magic mushrooms," she said.

After being treated at Witten Lodge Veterinary Centre, Lennie has since recovered and returned home. "He definitely started hallucinating. He kept trying to catch something that wasn't there," Ms Garside said. She said it looked as though Lennie was possibly going to have a fit but he became less manic after receiving diazepam.

She said the drugs Lennie wolfed down could also have been amphetamines or cannabis. Ms Garside added that although it was possible he had ingested toxins from mouldy food, this was "less likely" because Lennie had not suffered from blood abnormalities as would be expected.


Qualiall said...

they let the dog go back home with the drug person? Eesh

Dunex said...

@Qualiall, could easily be that the dog has eaten a mushroom containing psilocybin while out walking.
Such mushrooms grows pretty much all over the world with temperate climate.