Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Man wrapped head in duct tape for robbery disguise

A man accused of robbing a liquor store in Kentucky double wrapped his head and face in duct tape to disguise his identity during the crime.

Employees at the Shamrock Liquors in Ashland reportedly laughed when the duct tape-wrapped bandit entered the store and demanded money.

Kasey Kazee

After the robbery, the store manager and employee tackled the man in a nearby parking lot and held him for police.

The culprit, who police identified as Kasey Kazee, denied robbing the store even though police snapped photos showing him wrapped in duct tape and then snapped photos showing his face without the tape.

Reporters interviewed Kazee in jail after the crime. "Look at me," Kazee said. "Do I look like the duct-tape bandit, baby? I'm not no duct-tape bandit. Live one-on-one in Ashland, Kentucky, you know this is not me. Now look. Do the math and do the homework."

Police said they have enough to make the charges stick.

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